Elevating Impact With Committees

Committees: the business world’s vibrant brainstorming arenas, where ideas collide, and strategies take shape. CYC committee members are our behind-the-scenes heroes, helping us turn the gears of innovation to ensure we stay on track with exceptional offerings to the membership. Our committees open for application on a staggered basis. Interested in lending your expertise to one? Drop us a line and let’s talk!

Business Excellence Awards Committee

Overseeing the judging process, the Business Excellence Awards (BEA) Committee ensures fairness
and transparency in the selection process of BEA finalists and winners. The committee is comprised of
business professionals from across a variety of industries within the chamber community.


Standing Committees

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Central York Chamber Board of Directors on all things money-related, working to maintain the Chamber’s fiscal health and sustainability. They dive into financial statements, offer strategies, and make recommendations to the Board to ensure the Chamber is hitting its goals.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee reviews plans, policies, publications, legislation, and directives from all levels of government on an ongoing basis. Their goal is to stay informed and spot changes that might affect our local business community so that we can advocate smartly and effectively to help ensure our members thrive.

Risk & Governance Committee

The Risk & Governance Committee acts as a guardian of the Chamber’s stability and vision. They dive into the depths of our operations to identify, assess, and manage risks, ensuring smooth sailing for all our endeavours. They review bylaws, identify risks to be considered by the Board, and ensure that all Chamber matters align with our visions and purpose.

Nominating Committee

Chaired by the Past-Chair (or if not available, a chair appointed by the Board), the Nominating Committee recruits, selects and recommends to the Board qualified candidates for Board, Officer, and Committee chair positions, including the preparation of a slate of candidates for election at the annual general meeting. It ensures the development and implementation of an orientation process by the Chair that enables all new directors and Committee members to become fully informed.