Making AWESOME happen, $1000 at a time

Roll up! Each month, AWESOME Foundation Newmarket dishes out a crispy $1000 microgrant to help fund an idea that benefits youth in Newmarket. AFN isn’t a charity – it’s more like a superhero circle where each of its trustees slaps a cool $100 bill from their own bat-wallet to champion a champion.

Got a spark of genius? We want to hear about it. Age is just a number here. We don’t care if you’re a kid, part of an organization looking for a fund injection for a cool project, or just a good egg making Newmarket better for kids and teens.

Whether your idea is to spread giggles like confetti or to tackle the tough stuff with a cape on, get your applications in! We’re all ears – and we’ve got cash to back the bash!

Meet our AWESOME Foundation Trustees

Each month, they donate $100 each to help form our $1000 micro grant to help youth in Newmarket. The AWESOME Foundation Newmarket wouldn’t exist without them!

Past Recipients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone! There are no restrictions for individual or group applicants, however, ideas presented for the AWESOME Foundation must benefit youth in Newmarket, Ontario.

Consider including the following information in your application: A description of the idea; a specific plan for how the money will be used; how the idea will be implemented; if your proposal is an event, details describing how, when, and where it will take place; if additional funds will be needed to implement your idea.

Our 10 AWESOME Foundation trustees review the ideas submitted and choose their top picks. The idea with the most votes is awarded the micro grant.

Anyone who has applied for an AWESOME Foundation grant can reapply – this includes previous winners and formerly rejected applicants. We encourage former applicants to take a second look at their applications to see if they can improve the quality or level of detail provided in their initial applications, as these are common reasons some ideas are skipped.

Former grant winners have a reduced chance of receiving the grant a second time, as we are always looking for ways to spread the AWESOME to as many people as possible!

The deadline to apply is always the 15th of every month.

Hey, that’s AWESOME! Let’s talk!