We’re all about innovation, and few things demonstrate that for us quite like Accelerate Central York.

For it, the Central York Chamber has teamed up with digital trendsetters Treefrog Inc. and the renowned Schulich School of Business. This powerhouse accelerator program is dedicated to turbocharging startups and nascent enterprises, propelling them into the business stratosphere. Our mission: to arm these visionaries with a robust toolkit and a supportive community, supercharging their journey forward.

In a bold move, we pledged that half of our trailblazers would emerge from groups that have historically been sidelined—this includes racialized Canadians, women, and young entrepreneurs. Not only did we meet this promise, but we also topped it by an astounding 20%.

The ripple effect? A whopping 300 enterprises skyrocketed, collectively raising over 40 million dollars to fuel their dreams.

Building on this momentum, we’re now piloting the innovative international Start Up Visa Program. This six-week mission is more than a program—it’s a launching ground for global entrepreneurs, preparing them to soar in York Region. As catalysts for economic vitality and job creation, we’re not just thinking about today. We’re engineering a thriving tomorrow for all Canadians.