Ready for W.I.L.D.?

Enhance your leadership journey with Central York Chamber’s Women in Leadership Development mastermind (W.I.L.D.), brought to life by our collaboration with Scotiabank and the steadfast support of The MARC Group and Fair Chance Learning. W.I.L.D. welcomes women via application from all Central York Chamber’s member organizations.

An innovative, cohort-based program dedicated to elevating women leaders and bolstering female-driven businesses, W.I.L.D.’s six-part series lays the groundwork for lasting female empowerment. We’ve tailored the experience to captivate and nurture leaders across the spectrum of their professional journeys.

The transformative adventure includes self-exploration tools, targeted goal crafting, and interactive workshops led by experts in communications, marketing, finance, and workplace well-being. And each cohort of the program culminates in an invigorating leadership development celebration.

Get ready to launch your aspirations sky-high! The application gateway swings open in spring 2024.

Why a women-centric initiative? …Because glass ceilings won’t shatter themselves!

Despite women representing a substantial segment of the global demographic, they are conspicuously underrepresented in commanding roles. A glance at the numbers from Statistics Canada reveals a striking narrative: only 35.6% of individuals with over 15 years in management positions in 2021 were women, a slight climb from 33.6% in 2001. At the zenith of management, women hold a 30.9% share, a modest rise from 24.1% two decades earlier. Delving into the 2022 Zero Report by the Prosperity Project, we find that a mere 6.2% of leadership positions are occupied by women of colour. And when we peek into the entrepreneurial domain, a scant 17% of Canadian SMEs are helmed by women.

The ascent in leadership and societal impact for women has been steady but there are still mountains to scale and ceilings to shatter. We’re ready… one W.I.L.D. step at a time.

W.I.L.D. Socials

As each cohort concludes, participants are invited to further their leadership voyage with exclusive invites to W.I.L.D. socials, where you can connect with an inspiring (and steadily increasing) network of alumni.

Hear from our members

Our business has experienced firsthand the invaluable support and resources provided by the Central York Chamber. From networking opportunities to advocacy and business development programs, the chamber consistently fosters an environment conducive to growth and success. Through collaboration with fellow businesses and chamber initiatives, we have strengthened our presence, forged meaningful connections, and contributed to the economic vitality of our region.

Giancarlo Trimarchi

President, Vince’s Market

Testimonial Photo

Since 2016, my membership with the Chamber has been transformative. Beyond networking, it’s a hub for collaboration and lasting friendships. The Chamber’s stellar support through events, advocacy, and networking has significantly bolstered my business. Joining the Central York Region Chamber of Commerce isn’t just an investment; it’s a catalyst for network and business growth. Don’t hesitate; the Central York Region Chamber of Commerce is one of the very best chambers all around.

Nina Doiron

Founder, iOS Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any female-identifying person that is an employee or owner of a business that is a member in good standing with the Central York Chamber of Commerce.

W.I.L.D. is a small but mighty program. We want participants who are ready to learn and grow. There are only six sessions and they are fast-paced. We don’t want you to miss out on the learning so if you can’t make all the sessions, please hold off applying for a future cohort that better fits your schedule.

There is reading and discussion between sessions to enhance and strengthen what you learn. This is done through Fair Chance Learning’s Achieva platform.

Not only can you reapply—we hope you do! Each cohort is made up of leaders at similar places in their journeys so if one cohort doesn’t work, it’s likely a future one will.

We have three cohorts planned for 2024. Dates and deadlines are included on our main W.I.L.D. page and on each application form.

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