Governance at Central York Chamber

Established in 2023, the Central York Chamber is the result of a merger between two dynamic chambers: East Gwillimbury and the Newmarket Chambers of Commerce. Fun fact: the Newmarket Chamber had roots that dated back to 1857 when it operated as the Newmarket Board of Trade. It got its familiar name in 1911.

The Chamber is governed by a Board of Directors, a volunteer body elected by the membership on its behalf.

The Board is responsible for key operational issues, including finances, governance and strategy, as well as the implementation and promotion of policies approved by the general membership. The election of Directors takes place every year at the Annual General Meeting; each board position is a two-year term.

The Board of Directors is critical to the working of the Central York Chamber of Commerce. Given that, Directors are expected to bring to their respective roles significant expertise and knowledge within their chosen fields. Other expectations include the ability and desire to:

  • Uphold the mission and objectives of the CY Chamber
  • Act within the mandated scope of authority
  • Act in the best interest of the Chamber and its membership
  • Attend Board meetings, and regularly participate in Chamber events and activities
  • Be involved in Committees and Task Forces
  • Disclose conflicts of interests

The Election Process


(a) The Nominating Committee shall prepare a proposed slate of directors for election at the Annual General Meeting not later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. The consent of each nominee to act as a director, if elected, shall be obtained.

(b) In addition to the proposed slate of directors nominated by the Nominating Committee, any two (2 ) members of the Chamber, both being in good standing, may by nomination in writing submitted to the Secretary of the Chamber not later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting nominate any person for election to the Board, provided such person meets the eligibility requirements set out in the By-law. The signed consent of such nominee shall accompany the submitted nomination. The nominee may not be one of the nominators.

(c) If sufficient nominations are not received to fill the minimum number of directors required in sub-section 7.1(a), the Nominating Committee shall have the authority at any time prior to the Annual General Meeting, notwithstanding the provisions of this By-law, to make such further nominations as may be deemed necessary to ensure a reasonable number of nominees.

(d) The notice to members of the Annual Meeting shall advise the members as to all persons who have been nominated for election to the Board.

(e) In the event the number of nominations are equal to the number of directors to be elected, then election of the directors shall not be required and the nominees shall be declared by the Chair, or such or such other person presiding at the Annual Meeting, to have been so elected.

2024-2025 Board Nominations

Nominations close August 9, 2024 at noon.