Building Connections

We all like to work with people we know and trust. We all like to be part of something. The CYC gives you opportunity for all of it, with regular opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders who know the impact and value of community.

Networking Groups

Join us for Entrepreneurs in Motion (EIM) every Friday morning from 8-9 am! Elevate your networking game with a group dedicated to exchanging business referrals. At EIM, our mission is simple: empower each other through meaningful connections. As ambassadors for one another, our goal is to provide regular leads.

Welcome to Networking at Noon! Get ready to shake up your lunch break with our biweekly gathering of professionals from various fields. Join us for a dose of fun, laughter, and meaningful connections. Expect lively discussions, quirky icebreakers, and maybe even a few surprises! Come curious, leave inspired. See you at Networking at Noon!

Who wouldn’t benefit from a sounding board now and again? That’s what the Small Business Mastermind offers. Join us monthly for dynamic discussions among non-competing businesses on everything from tackling challenges to seizing
opportunities. Expect invaluable shared experiences from people who’ve “been there”.

The Not-for-Profit (NFP) Mastermind is a group of nonprofit leaders who gather quarterly to chat about challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the nonprofit world. These days we’re doing field trips, visiting various NFP locations! Be part of a supportive community!

A piloted program in 2023, W.I.L.D. is a time- limited series focusing on strengthening core leadership skills. The program is available via an application process.

Hear from our members

I joined the Mastermind group in November 2020 and find the members are very willing to help each other and we can bounce off ideas in a safe place with no judgement. There are many opportunities to learn from challenges and successes of others and pick up tips to implement in our own business. Last year the group suggested that I claim my business on Google to help raise my profile. This resulted in many new inquiries, and it encouraged me to continue asking for testimonials from my clients.

Naqi Ashan

Certified Travel Counsellor, Blank Canvas Getaways

Testimonial Photo

Tap into the transformative power of community.

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s who you know”. While we tend to think there’s some truth to that, the sentence doesn’t quite capture it all. In the landscape of business, developing authentic relationships is essential for accessing new opportunities, for business and career acceleration, and to keep learning.